Client Testimonials


"I really appreciated and valued Bill's coaching services. I have had many coaching experiences where the coach spent an inordinate amount of time discussing his or her personal experiences and sharing anecdotes, and providing general information that was not helpful or relevant, particularly for executives in the federal government. In contrast, I found Bill to be an excellent listener who quickly grasped what issues where important to me and what type of information would help me improve as a manager and leader working in a federal agency. The resulting targeted material provided was uniformly helpful, and supported and complemented our enjoyable one-on-one discussions. I would happily recommend Bill as a coach."


"Bill provided constructive and creative tools, exercises, and techniques to help me understand my strengths and weaknesses.  Bill's coaching was instrumental in helping me maximize my abilities while improving upon my weaknesses so I could be a greater asset to my organization.  His experience was invaluable in relating to my workplace and understanding how to navigate a professional environment.  I have gained a much better understanding of how to realize my personal and professional leadership goals."


"Through this coaching experience, I hoped to gain more clarity about my own strengths and motivations in order to identify new careers that would be a good fit for me. I am happy to report that I got a lot more out of this experience than I had anticipated. Not only did I find a new job that stretches my horizons, but I also became more aware about myself and how I can relate better to others, work more productively with my team, and build stronger relationships with my family. I am grateful to my coach for the time and attention that he gave to me as he guided me through this process of self-reflection."


"Bill carefully guided me to break down various aspects of my life, professional and personal, which initially highlighted my strengths. He provided exercises that brought out my personal strengths and also highlighted activities that encouraged a high-energy response.  In other words, Bill helped me see what makes me tick, feel powerful, and be successful."


The coaching relationship with Bill helped me overcome several barriers in achieving not only my professional goals, but some personal ones as well. At the same time, he helped me think through ways to work through those barriers and take action.”


"Through well-navigated techniques, resources, and most importantly, powerful conversations, I not only have a clear vision of what I can and want to do, but also a better understanding of who I am as a whole. There were common threads in all of my life experiences and Bill helped me connect those dots.  The theme of my life suddenly did not seem so sporadic." 


"Armed with his years of experience in human capital management, Bill effectively helped me become equipped and confident to plot a course that will lead to a successful career and life. I can say honestly that I will continue to refresh my perspective so I can continue to have the ability to define my goals, identify the tools necessary to construct them, and exercise the courage to realize them."